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About Us

Each piece is one-of-a-kind due to the nature of the fabric and prints, which makes the brand very special.

Passionate for everything colourful and artistic, GreyC is a dream come true. A dream birthed from the desire to mix and match, move freely, shapeshift and bring comfort to life.

GreyC speaks to the woman inspired by wanderlust, the forever traveller, and the forever dreamer. GreyC is for the sun-kissed girl who dances barefoot and believes that everything is music. The GreyC girl lives passionately with a wild-beating heart, stars in her eyes and flowers in her hair.

The designs take on loose free-flowing forms – personifying the freedom of the spirit of the GreyC girl.

The actual sizing of the garments is forgiving, thus inspiring movement and wander for the curious soul. There lies untouchable confidence in the very moment you put on a garment that is fully comfortable, yet makes you feel entirely beautiful.

The choice of pattern and print combinations come from a place of release from any limitations in freedom of thought or actions.
Discovery is the driving force.